When Your Home Needs Rewiring

Keep Your Home and Family Safe From Electrical Fire

Rewiring your home is a serious undertaking. If done incorrectly or haphazardly, your home and family will be at serious risk. You will be able to sleep soundly every night after you've called us to do the job.

Your rewiring may involve removal of existing wires from your home in order to put in a completely new electrical system. You might, however, need to only add to the existing wiring in your home, such as a few more outlets in each room. Whether your needs are small or large, the experts at Wildcat Electric, LLC are ready to help!

Let Us Take Care of Your Home Rewiring

Are you unsure about the need to completely rewire your house? Do you want the most honest, professional electrical advice you can get? Calling in a licensed electrician is a foolproof place to begin. Ask us to check your home out thoroughly and give you an honest, expert opinion.
Call us for home rewiring and other residential electrical services!
Make sure you call our professionals so your job gets done right on time. Don’t take chances with faulty wiring. Call us today for a professional evaluation and get quality residential electrical services.
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